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Brow Wax /sculpting


This is not just a quick wax and go.

 We consult, brow map, reveiw and fill/powder the brows. This applies to every appoinment regardless of how many times you have been in.


17 and under brow sculpting  

Tweezing or light wax for those 17 years and under


Brow Threading


Eyebrow sculpting using only cotton thread. Suitable for this who cannot tolerate wax or simply just love it!

Brows need some life?

Brow Tinting or

Lash Tinting

 This will help tint the hair that already exists. Last about 4 weeks


Henna Brows

Using only the best henna. PhiHenna and creative brow mapping, we are able to create a beautiful brow. Henna gives dimension to you brows by staining the skin. 

This appointment includes any necessery sculpting needed.


Brow Application Tutorial​

 Need some help with your eyebrow application?

Not sure how to shape your brows?
Want help finding the most pleasing shape for your face?
Need advice on what products to use?


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