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‘Glow as you Grow’

Hahn Advanced Aesthetics LLC

Nuria Lisa Hahn, MSN, APRN

 Lisa brings more than 25 years of clinical experience as a board certified advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) in the fields of critical care, clinical research, vascular surgery, otolaryngology, pulmonology, wound care, dermatology, anti-aging medicine, cosmetic dermatology, cosmetic skin lasers and holds certifications in both Cosmetic Lasers and Facial Aesthetics.

 Lisa earned her graduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and has held positions as Clinical Instructor and Lecturer at both the University of Pennsylvania and the University of South Florida. Licensed in Florida, she is a member of the American Nurses Association, the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, the Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society of Nursing, and the Dermatology Nurses Association. She has a passion for wellness promotion and beauty enhancement across the adult lifespan. As a native of Spain, Lisa is fluent in both English and Spanish


 The Vi Peel is a medium depth peel, that can be used on any skin type, Fitzpatrick 1 thru VI and to treat a variety of skin conditions such as, but not limited to; acne, hyper-pigmentation, melasma, rosacea, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, and sun damage. It also stimulates collagen and elastin production


VIPeel Precision & Purify

 The Precision and Purify Peel contains the same ingredients as the Vi Peel with the addition of benzoyl peroxide and kojic acid. Either Precision or Precision Plus boosters may be added in to the VI Purify Peel.


VIPeel Precision & Purify Plus

 The Precision and Precision Plus boosters are the same ingredients as the VI Peel, increasing the peel strength by 25%. Precision Plus Booster also adds in Hydroquinone, Hydrocortisone, Kojic Acid. Mid face peeling will increase from 2 days to 4-6 days.


The ViPeel is a gentle yet powerful medical-grade chemical peel for the treatment of acne and acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, age and sun spots, hyperpigmentation, melasma, rosacea, enlarged pores, oil balancing, and overall skin health.

The Vi Peel is safe and effective on all skin types and colors and can be used on the face, neck chest, arms, back, and legs, and is the only peel safe for the under-eye area. It is also painless and requires minimal downtime. With the Vi Peel, the magic is in the formula. A blend of Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA), Tretinoic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Phenol, Vitamin C, and other minerals work together to safely remove the damaged layers of the skin, promote cellular turnover, and refine the surface layer for a smoother, clearer, firmer skin that has a more youthful and radiant appearance.

Botox or Xeomin


$11 per unit


Special Package $549 for 60 units ($9 per unit) 

 *can be banked*

 Neurotoxin blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle can no longer contract, which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften. It is most often used on forehead lines, crow's feet (lines around the eye) and frown lines.  

 B12 + MIC shots​

Single shot $25 

Package of 3 $60

Fillers to revolumize and contour volume loss in the face & lips

Lisa will discuss which product is right for you!

Fillers include:

 Restalyne fillers,  Juvederm family of fillers, Radiesse & Belotero

First syringe $650

Second Syringe $350​

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